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Duke of Aquitaine.

Norman I, Duke of Aquitaine, Norman Lee Gray was born at 9:08 A. M. on the 12th of December, 1946 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. It was a cold 27 degrees outside with 4.5 inches of snow on the ground. His Parents were Herbert Harry Gray and Mary O' Del Gray, nee Smart. His father was born in McConnelsville, Morgan County, Ohio on the 17th day of April, 1910. His mother was born in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio on the 26th day of March, 1920.

His parents were previously married before and divorced. Out of these marriages some of his siblings were born. Born to his father, Herbert Harry Gray ( 17 April, 1910 - 5 May 1986 ) were three sons; Herbert Melvin Gray ( 5 Nov 1929 - ), Richard Louis Gray ( 9 Dec 1931 - ), and Charles Eugene Gray ( 1 Mar 1935 - ), they were born in Piqua, Miami County, Ohio. His mother Mary O'Del Gray, nee Smart has a daughter born; Brenda Mae Bradley ( 17 Nov 1939 - ) she was born in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

Sir Norman L. Gray

Flag of Aquitaine of the Duke
Flag of the Duke of Aquitaine

His parents were married on the 10th day of June, 1941 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. His brothers and sisters born to his parents were as follows; Herbert Paul Gray ( 4 Mar 1942 - ), Patricia Ann Gray ( 15 Feb 1948 - ), John Edwin Gray ( 15 May 1952 - ), Curtis Bertrum Gray ( 15 Oct 1953 - ), Ruth Marie Gray ( 8 Jul 1955 - ), all were born in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

His mother was a devoted housewife and mother for 45 years to his father and children. His father was a wood worker for 35 years supporting his family before he retired. He worked for the Springfield Furniture works, making end tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables, dressers, etc…. During his early life they had lived in 6 different locations in and around the Springfield area. Springfield was an industrial and farming community while he was growing up.

He attended the following schools in his early life; Washington Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Kiefer Junior High School, and South High School, in Springfield. After graduating he joined the military service.

He enlisted in the U. S. Navy on the 12th of December, 1963 in his home town of Springfield, just a few weeks after President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Texas. He left for his recruit training on the 31st of December 1963 for twelve weeks. He arrived at O'Hara Airport and with other men boarded a bus that would take them out to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. After his twelve weeks of training he received his first set of orders to report to CincLantFltHQ in Norfolk, Virginia. Where he arrived in April of 1964 and was assigned to the transportation section. There he was a driver for incoming Officers and dignitaries from the U. S. and abroad.

In May of 1965 he received another set of orders to report to the U. S. S. John Paul Jones DD 932 sitting at a pier just down the road from where he was stationed, there in Norfolk, Virginia. He was assigned to the Boatswain mates division where he learned to tie ropes and chip and paint the ship. He also became a Boat Coxswain and when the ship was deployed across the Atlantic ocean, to the Mediterranean ocean to visit different ports of call, he would transport the men back and forth from the ship to the pier for liberty call.

In June of that year, 1965, he took the Petty Officer test and when the results were in and the line drawn for where a certain number would become 3rd class petty officer, he was within the five under the line that would be called a striker 3rd class petty officer. That is where you are consider a 3rd class petty officer, but without the pay. In November of that year the JPJ as the ship was called, was ordered into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for decommissioning, which was set for December.

He then received another set of orders, after 15 days of leave, to report in January of 1966 to Bath Maine to assist in the construction of a new ship setting in the shipyard. The U. S. S. William H. Stanley DLG 32 was the ships name. There he assisted yard workers in seeing that certain areas of the ship were according to construction diagrams. While there another set of orders arrived and in April he was being sent to another duty station after 15 days leave, The U. S. S. Eaton DDE 510 was a smaller destroyer with only 300 enlisted and officers on board, Assigned to patrol the waters off the East coast.

December of 1966 he received another set of orders that explained that he was to report to the Commanding Officer of the U. S. S. Northampton CC-1 where he was assigned to the Master Sergeant at Arms Division. After 15 days leave at home he arrived in January of 1967. While on the ship he was assigned to a duty section and eight hours a day he would take care of Chief Petty Officer quarters. In December of 1967 he requested an early release for the 12th of that month just before the ship was to leave on assignment overseas that afternoon. He received his Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy on the 4th of January, 1970.

Ribbons and Medals:

National Defense Service Ribbon with medal, ( 1st issue. )
Navy " E " Ribbon with 2 " E " devices
Boat Coxswain Device

After leaving the military he obtained a job working at Robbins & Myers Mfg. Company as a punch press operator. After a few years he had worked his way up to a group leader of a small section of the shop, which he also was a fork lift operator and a Union steward. He had also worked as a GM Service Mechanic, and a foreign car auto parts clerk and service mechanic.

In January of 1973 he enlisted in the U. S. Air Force of the Ohio Air National Guard's, In the 178th Tactical Fighter Group, in the Supply area as a Shipping and receiving Specialist. January of 1974 he was Honorably Discharged because of his family and having been laid off from work. He then decided to enlist back in the U. S. Air Force Ohio Air National Guard's in February of 1975 in the 269th Mobile Communications Squadron. That later was reassigned as the 269th Mobile Combat Communication Group. He worked as a Aerospace Power Production Specialist within the combat communications squadron. In 1978 he applied for a state position working full time as a security officer for the base. September of that year he was hired and as a requirement for the position, he had to transfer into the 178th Security Police Flight to hold the job. Working full time as a security officer and doing his duties assigned by the unit as a security specialist on the air craft ramp.

He found the time to go to college. Doing his duties with the 269th and then being transferred to the 178th made it possible to start in late September 1975 during the day. In June of 1978 he graduated with a Associate Degree in Applied Science in the Law Enforcement Technology field from Clark State Technical College in Springfield, Ohio.

December 11th of 2006 he Retired with 38 years of service to his country. In February of 1999 he was having some difficulty with his neck and went to a Neurologist Doctor at the Ohio State University and found that he had to have an operation on his neck. The Doctors placed him into surgery where he had to have a 4 inch plate with four screws to hold five disks in place. He filed for disability with the Veterans Affairs and they awarded him compensation for his injury.

Rank at Retirement: E - 7 Master Sergeant, with an Honorable Discharge

Ribbons and Medals:

Air Force Achievement Ribbon with Medal
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with 2 bronze Oak Leaf Clusters
Combat Readiness Ribbon with Medal
Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Ribbon with Medal - 2 Silver Oak Leafs
National Defense Service Ribbon with Medal - 2 Bronze Stars ( 3rd issue )
Humanitarian Service Ribbon with Medal
Air Force Longevity Service Award - 2 Silver Oak Leafs
Armed Forces Reserve Ribbon with Medal - 1 Gold Hourglass
USAF NCO Professional Military Education Ribbon
Small Arms Expert - Pistol and Rifle - 1 Bronze Star
Air Force Training Ribbon
Ohio Faithful Service Ribbon with 4 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters
Ohio Award of Merit Ribbon with Numeral " 4 "
Senior Security Police Qualification Badge
Security Police Badge at Retirement

Military Education:

Supervisory Development Course
Security Police Training, Lackland AFB, Texas
Security Police Academy, Lackland AFB, Texas
Air Base Ground Defense, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
NCO Leadership School
NCO Academy, Knoxville, Tennessee

He served during the following:

Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm

He found the time to go back to college. He started in late September 1999 during the day. In November of 2000 he graduated with a Associate Degree in Applied Science in Communications of Arts in Television and Radio Broadcasting from the International College of Broadcasting, Dayton, Ohio, graduating in the top three of his class. He also volunteered his time with the American Red Cross in Springfield, Ohio to train individuals in First Aid and CPR. He became proficient with the training that he started training individuals to be trainers in First Aid and CPR. He gave twelve years of service to the American Red Cross organization.

He is currently a single retired Disabled Veteran. Is a certified Locksmith, notary public, has been a genealogist for 19 years tracing his family tree. He is also a life member of the DAV, Disabled American Veterans. In August of 2011 he changed his name legally to read Sir Norman L. Gray with the Probate Court of Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

In conclusion, his main accomplishments of his life time is his children, ribbons and medals, being a notary, his family tree, and being a direct descendant in lawful succession of the blood line to the title of Duke of Aquitaine.

Monarcy Abolished: 1830

When my cousin passed in May of 2000, I checked and researched for the next in line for the title and found that I could possibly be the next in line, I began using the title Feb. 2003. During the span of years between 2003 to 2012, no one contacted me thorough letters, email, or phone calls to state that there was one other that was in line for the title. That is until I received an email explaining that I was Plagiarising some one. This person born in 1957 claiming such title, also not giving his last name, or a picture. So that research could prove his lineage. Times past, the title would always go to the eldest, at least that was the way it went.

Titles, styles
Duke of Aquitaine ( 2003 - present )

Claims the following titles:
 Lord of High Cross ( 2002 - present )
Duke of Aquitaine ( 2003 - present )

lineal descent

Sir Normans' lineage is the line from which he is descended from. lineal descent was the main principle behind membership in European royal houses since it can be traced through the generations. It reflects the descent of Sir Norman back to the first documented Robertian. Then France, through Dukes, Counts, then Kings of Ireland, Scotland, England. The Line can be traced back more than 1245 years and is one of the oldest in Europe.

43. Robert I, Duke of Hesbaye  40th Great Grand Father                                                0750 - ?

42. Robert II,of Worms, Duke of Hesbaye  39th Great Grand Father                               770 - 807

41. Robert III, of Worms, Count of Worms Et De Rheingau  38th Great Grand Father     808 - 834

40. Robert IV, of Neustria, Duke of Anjou  37th Great Grand Father                               820 - 866

39. Robert I Capet, King of Western Francia  36th Great Grand Father                            0866 - 0923

38. Hugh Capet, Duke of the Franks  35th Great Grand Father                                        0895 - 0956

37. Hugh Capet, King of Franks  34th Great Grand Father                                               0940 - 24 Oct 0996

36. Robert II Capet, King of Franks  33rd Great Grand Father     :                               27 Mar 0972 - 20 Jul 1031

35. Henri I Capet, King of Franks  32nd Great Grand Father                                         4 May 1008 - 4 Aug 1060

34. Philippe I of France, King of Franks  31st Great Grand Father                                23 May 1052 - 29 Jul 1108

33. Louis VI of France, King of Franks  30th Great Grand Father                                  1 Dec 1081 - 1 Aug 1137

32. Peter of France, Lord Of Courtenay  29th Great Grand Father                                   Sep 1126 - 10 Apr 1183

31. Alice ( of Courtenay ) De Taillefer, Countess 28th Great Grand Mother                       1160 - 1318

30. Isabella ( De Taillefer ) Plantagenet, Queen Consort 27th Great Grand Mother              1188 - 31 May 1246

29. Henry III Plantagenet, King Of England 26th Great Grand Father                               1 Oct 1207 - 16 Nov 1272

28. Edward I Plantagenet, King Of England 25th Great Grand Father                                17 Jun 1239 - 7 Jul 1307

27. Joan ( Plantagenet ) De Clare, Countess of Gloucester 24th Great Grand Mother          May 1272 - 23 Apr 1307

26. Lady Eleanor ( De Clare ) Le Despenser 23rd Great Grand Mother                                     Oct 1292 - 30 Jun 1327

25. Lady Isabel ( Despenser ) Fitz Alan, Countess of Arundel 22nd Great Grand Mother               1312 - 1356

24. Sir Edmund Fitz Alan, 11th Earl Of Arundel 21st Great Grand Father                              1327 - 1379

23. Lady Philippa ( Fitz Alan ) Sergeaux, 20th Great Grand Mother                                       1352 - 13 Sep 1399

22. Lady Philippa ( Sergeaux ) Pashley 19th Great Grand Mother                                          1381 - 1420

21. Sir John Pashley Sr. 18th Great Grand Father                                                               1406 - 8 Jun 1453

20. Sir John Pashley Jr. 17th Great Grand Father                                                                1431 - 20 Nov 1468

19. Lady Elizabeth ( Pashley ) Pympe 16th Great Grand Mother                                           1448 - 1485

18. Lady Ann ( Pympe ) Scott 15th Great Grand Mother                                                      1485 - 1530

17. Sir Richard Scott 14th Great Grand Father                                                                    1508 - 5 Feb 1564

16. Lady Anne ( Scott ) Frost 13th Great Grand Mother                                                      1538 - 27 Jul 1588

15. Sir Edward Frost 12th Great Grand Father                                                                  13 Mar 1560 - 3 Aug 1616

14. Lady Alice ( Frost ) Blower 11th Great Grand Mother                                                      1 Dec 1594 - ?

13. Lady Alice ( Blower ) Brackett 10th Great Grand Mother                                             30 Jun 1615 - 3 Nov 1689

12. Lady Rachel ( Brackett ) Crosby 9th Great Grand Mother                                               3 Nov 1639 - 7 May 1748

11. Hannah ( Crosby ) Danforth 8th Great Grand Mother                                                    30 Mar 1672 - 3 Oct 1752

10. Hannah ( Danforth ) Abbott 7th Great Grand Mother                                                     20 Aug 1698 - 8 Jan 1788

  9. Sarah ( Abbott ) Hildreth 6th Great Grand Mother                                                             1731 - ?

  8. Sarah ( Hildreth ) Wood 5th Great Grand Mother                                                           31 Aug 1735 - 5 Mar 1814

  7. Mary Mercy ( Wood ) Davis 4th Great Grand Mother                                                    27 Aug 1762 - Sep 1858

  6. John Davis 3rd Great Grand Father                                                                                 20 Sep 1800 - 20 Apr 1877

  5. Lorenzo Davis 2nd Great Grand Father                                                                         1825 - 9 Sep 1873

  4. Lucretia ( Davis ) Gray Great Grand Mother                                                                      8 Sep 1861 - 7 Nov 1924

  3. Estella Marie Gray Grand Mother                                                                                  5 Mar 1893 - 15 Sep 1962

  2. Herbert H. Gray Father                                                                                                  17 Apr 1910 - 5 May 1986

  1. Sir Norman L. Gray                                                                                                            1946 -

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