Titles of Nobility

Titles of Nobility are given by the Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization, and by
Duke Norman I on a regular basis.

These established honorable positions are authenticated administerial titles that can be
added with your name. Full documentation authentication is included with each title which includes
certification from the Republic of Aquitaine, and one should recognize that these materials
should be considered " Novelty Items " that can be displayed to friends and family,
and they look nice in frames hanging on the wall.

Each title package includes three documents:

1. Title Warrant
The document is 8.5 x 11 inches and carries the magisterial seal.

Title Warrant - ROA Picture

2. Apostille
This Document is a record that follows the Mandates of the Hague Convention of 1961.

Office of Record - ROA Picture

3. Certificate of Authenticity
This Document certifies that all documentation is true and granted by Duke Norman I and emblazoned with the Magisterial Seal of The Republic of Aquitaine.

Certificate of Authorization - ROA Picture

You will receive all personalized documentation in full color and suitable for framing.  

Titles listed below are those that can be granted:


Duke, Duchess Duke or Duchess
Marquis, Marquise Marquis or Marquise
Count, Countess  Count or Countess
Baron, Baroness Baron or Baroness
Knight, Dame Knight

The listed designations of Nobility cannot be procured, they are awarded on
the individual's pledge, allegiance, reputation, humanitarian acts along with
donations to the development of the Republic of Aquitaine.

However, are bestowed based on a personal basis.

Contact us on the availability of these titles.

FAQ : Information on Nobility Titles here.

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